Michael J. Levas to Present at ‘Best Ideas’ Hedge Fund Conference on September 22

Michael J. Levas to Present at ‘Best Ideas’ Hedge Fund Conference on September 22

On September 22, 2016, Michael J. Levas has been invited to present at the ‘Best Ideas’ Hedge Fund Conference in Miami, Florida.  Mr. Levas will speak to the convergence of trends that are creating near-term investment opportunities in life sciences facilitated by healthcare reform / budget constraints, advances in medical sciences, commercialization opportunities of orphan drugs and global growth in healthcare needs.  In addition, he will highlight the supply and demand drivers (such as big data analytics, mobile technology, digital workflow, targeted and personalized therapies) that are accelerating the development of new business models and transforming what is possible.

The event, organized by Trident Fund Services, presents ‘the best investment ideas’ to the growing Hedge Fund community of Florida, the USA and Latin America.


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